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About Us provides non-custodial infrastructure. We help to decentralize and secure Ethereum while at the same time providing the ETH delegators with staking rewards, inclusion fees and MEV. SNC support various liquid staking protocols.

Track Records

Knowledge and experience
Knowledgeable and experienced technical team.
Extensive experience with ETH staking via liquid staking protocols.
Up to date market knowledge with regards to Ethereum and the inner workings of liquid staking solutions.
Legal experts present who have intimite law and blockchain knowledge
Tax specialists who are vetted in the combination of tax and blockchain
Extended (business) network within the global blockchain community.


The Team

Our team consists of six people with various (specialized) skillsets to meet all the required needs. Leaders of successful entrepreneurs, global blockchain ecosystems, staying up to date with technological innovation of Ethereum (EIPs) and the innovative DeFi landscape (Liquid Staking Tokens and rehypothecation for example). But also, on the architecture side of things to roll out scalable and high performant infrastructure to serve Swellers with the highest degree of attestations we have all the right minds on board. Some of our team members have been mining their first crypto currencies during 2013 while others saw the light at the end of 2016 just before the ICO era.

Rudolf – CEO

Experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record in business and community building in web3, blockchain and crypto. Huge network in the space and main focus on business development, sustainable relations and partnerships.

Hendrik-Jan – Head of Tax and Compliance

Forming the corporate compliance team with Jimmy and monitoring all corporate compliance obligations.

Ewart – Head of development

Multi-linguistic application development with keeping current business models and possible future ones in mind while adapting to the ever-moving edge of technological advancement.

Jimmy - Tax specialist

Taking care of corporate compliance and developing cooperation strategies for to let the company grow. As one of the founders of he is a driving force in building the team.

Mark – Head of Strategy

Translating Ethereum and it’s (liquid) staking initiatives into tangible business models and products while overseeing the operational side.

Martijn – Head of Infrastructure

Designing and managing reliable architecture for Ethereum validators to support the security and decentralization of Ethereum.


“Swell Labs is pleased to collaborate with best-in-class partners like SNC. As deep collaborators, SNC has been instrumental in the development and delievery of our new and exciting liquid staking protocol. Since the earliest days of Swell, SNC has been an active contributor to the DAO and continues to provide institutional-grade node operations management for the benefit of the wider network.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with SNC on several occasions. The experience has structurally been good. Their professionalism, knowledgeability and transparency in their way of working are characteristics I value and which they have displayed on a continuous basis. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a non-custodial staking solutions. With additional legal and tax implications you can be assured of having a trustworthy partner in SNC.”

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